The Simplicity and Power of Being Alive

Jeanne Catherine smiling close upDo you feel swamped by fear, anxiety, worry, anger or depression and wonder how to find your way out? Do you wish you could embrace your humanity without spending so many days in the dumps?

Typically when people experience health problems, divorce, unemployment, loss, abuse or other terrible circumstances, they suffer! Drowning in a sea of reactions – feelings that our out of control.

I know all about living with circumstances that are unbearable and I spent $75,000 dollars and traveled all over the world to learn the secret to living well and thriving without having to get out from circumstances I can’t control. And it worked! While my circumstances continue to occur, I am free of living in shame, guilt, fear or anxiety – feelings that overwhelmed me before. I discovered a resiliency, peace of mind and well being that lives with me, moment-to-moment, where ever I go!

Have you struggled to “Live in the moment?” Do you hear the phrase “Living in the moment” a lot? Do you wonder what it really means?

You may think – I would never spend that kind of money to find ease and peace of mind – are you sure you wouldn’t? What wouldn’t you pay to learn to LOVE BEING?

The good news is you don’t have to pay a lot of money for this transformative experience! This 4-day intensive will introduce you to every thing I learned and includes 4 months of follow up with Jeanne Catherine and your small group.

Join me, Jeanne Catherine, in Charlottesville, VA to discover the simple enjoyment of life that occurs when mental clarity unfolds from within. Find yourself living in the simple enjoyment of being, adding richness to everyday experiences.

“When our minds are quiet and free of personal thinking, there appears to be “nothing” on our minds. However, nothingness in this situation is the essence of spiritual, insightful understanding. This deep relaxed “living in wisdom” is our birthright, our default setting. It is why we are here; to live in the present, being guided by our own wisdom through life’s challenges, and to experience life’s joys. Let’s explore together the rewarding benefits of acknowledging our spiritual inheritance.” – Elsie Spittle

Don’t miss this opportunity to remember yourself in a whole new way. Four Days, Four People. One Change.

Listen now:

Dates: Begins Saturday April 30th at 10:00 am. Ends Tuesday May 3rd at 3:00 pm, 2016.
Time: Plan on taking these four day’s off from e-mail, family, work, and other normal every day activities. This is an opportunity for you to drop out of your normal, habitual thinking and discover a new understanding that naturally sustains and supports you. Plan on at least 6 skype follow up calls over a 4 month period.

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