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The Transformational Leadership Program

The Transformational Leadership Program guides participants into a powerful understanding about leadership from the inside out. During our time together we explore how the thinking-feeling system works, shifting paradigms and understanding until a new ease and freedom emerges.

Participants begin to ask for and create what they want, with a new found level of peace and grace. The internal change of how one, see’s oneself in relationship to the world, is what makes the biggest difference. And leadership becomes natural, through presence, from the inside out.

During this 7 month program, participants will receive, 12 intensive educational group sessions, books, audios, e-mail and up to three individual sessions. Participants are also invited to attend workshops with Jeanne Catherine at no additional charge.

In addition the program will:

  • Examine the intelligence behind the human design
  • Engage in a powerful conversation about the human condition.
  • Challenge participants to move toward their creative future.

Transformational Leadership is not for the faint of heart. Time, life-force energy, money, and consciousness are an essential component.

Want to learn more? Contact Jeanne Catherine for an informational session or interview. E-mail: info at divineplay dot com, or call 434-218-9500.


Extended Professional Training for Business Leaders, Seminar Series:

Seminar Series to include professional training in leadership development: principles, reflection and mindfulness for life and work environments.

At Divine Play, we recognize the investment that our leadership group participants and year long participants have made in their education and understanding of the three principles. And many of you have requested a more affordable way to continue your involvement and deepen your understanding and effectiveness.

In an effort to meet this need, we have created a discounted seminar series. This program includes, 6 seminars by any presenter at Divine Play, and 6 follow up individual sessions with any Divine Play team member. At the completion of the program you will receive a certificate of Professional Leadership and a three hour wrap up session, as a group, with Jeanne Catherine.

The cost is $2,500.00 paid in full by January 31st. Participation is good for one year from the first workshop opportunity with Jack Pransky. Other teachers this year include Dr. Dicken Bettinger, Annika Hurwitt, Gabriella Maldonado, and more. Opportunity only available for former and current leadership participants at Divine Play. Topics will include:

  • Simple Truths for Living & Working Well
  • Healthy Thinking, Feeling, Doing from the Inside-Out
  • State of Mind for Results
  • Listening: When Impact Matters
  • Happy, Healthy, and Alive: Gaining Insight into the human experience.
  • State of Mind Parenting
  • Series is from 1/15/14 through 11/15/14
  • Certificate of completion will be awarded.

Building Mindful Connection in your Professional Life: A Three Principles Understanding

This smaller sub group of our leadership group is focused on mindful connection building in your professional life, using specifically the book Getting Business To Come To You, combined with the foundation of the Three Principles Understanding gained during our time together during our last seminar series.

This course uses in person and online activities, readings, and homework assignments as an exploration for following our wisdom in building mindful connections in your professional life, applying the three principles.

All meetings will be agreed upon by the group.The group will meet with me 13 times and 2 makeups will be provided if needed. In addition, individual support is available on an as needed basis. Also, anyone who joins this group has unlimited access to the radio show every Monday while enrolled and other professional development workshops as offered.

My vision for this group is to be a powerhouse. A group who is diverse in focus, but rich in understanding. This group will act as a powerful referral source, support point, and grounding for each other to build mindful practice in their professional life.

Certificate Series Dates: January 2015- July 2015

Bi-Monthly meetings Dates and Times TBD by the group

Cost: $2500.00

Certificate Awarded at the end of the series

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