Individual Intensives

4 Day Intensive

What if 4 days could change the rest of your life, forever?

“I would encourage anyone interested in the 4 day immersion to just go for it! Jeanne Catherine’s approach is fantastic. Her sensitivity and versatility is really heart warming. The benefits I have experienced are endless and still happening. The immediate results? Peace of mind, inner guidance, and a feeling of security – tremendous! The 3 principles are the strongest drug to cure any ailment. Do this for yourself. Don’t hesitate. It is 100% worth it.” – Intensive Participant

At Divine Play we offer a variety of individual services at a variety of price points. The most beneficial and immediate experience for change is the 4-day intensive. During the 4 days, we will meet in the morning and the afternoon to discuss what you see about your experience of life and what more there is to see.

Through these conversations, participants experience a fundamental shift in their understanding and the effects are immediate. This is not an intensive where you have to practice tools or incorporate the work back into your life. When you go home from the intensive, without effort, your new understanding will go to work for you. In fact, the less you ‘do’ when you get home, the better!

While life circumstances may still be the same, your experience of life will be fundamentally different.

Want to register for an intensive or learn more? Contact Jeanne Catherine by e-mail info at divineplay dot com or by phone, 434-218-9500.

More from 4-day intensive participants:

“Best thing I have ever done for myself.”
– grandmother

“I don’t know what she is doing or what you told her, but thank you! Your intensive changed our lives, and we really needed it.”
– husband of intensive student

“I’m amazed what a difference it is to work with Jen instead of just watching videos and reading. The individual work has made all the difference.”
– Aron Gross, educator in Australia

“Jen has moved her life towards simplicity – she is committed to take the everyday reality and see its essence. Spending four days in her presence and being able to rest in her guidance and understanding solidified a profound and lasting shift in me- that began when I first started hearing about- and resonating with- the work she does and the three principles. That I can say this is thoroughly unexpected as I have rarely, if ever, been “all in” on anything. My experience during the four days was both profound and totally pragmatic. Things just look different- from how I handle a conversation at work to how I pray with my children at night. I know there is so much possible- beyond what I can figure out in any one moment. And I feel how much capacity and wellness we all have to guide us to navigate to the next moment with love and wisdom. Jen didn’t teach me any of that- she didn’t offer any of that- but she helped show me how to hear myself and trust in what I know.”
– Anita McGinty, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, educational psychologist

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