Meet the authors of this easy to read, illustrated manual of the mind! Discover 7 easy tips to changing your experience of life from the inside out – for the better!

Lisa has a master’s degree in science. She regularly guest blogs on Tiny Buddha and has her own popular blog,  where she writes and draws about how to feel contented even when crappy things happen. Lisa is the author of Reach Your Big Calm: 52 Powerful Messages to Quiet Your Mind  and her e-book 7 Secrets Your Mind Doesn’t Want You to Know was downloaded over 12,000 times.

As a young adult Lisa spent 5 years in bed with chronic fatigue syndrome. Later, she opened one of New Zealand’s first online bookstores, which she ran from Granity, a remote town on the West Coast of New Zealand. In 2009, scared that her CFS was returning, she spent a day doing nothing and being silent, as a way to change old habits and heal. What started as one day turned into three, then into a month, then eventually into what Lisa calls ‘her year of silence.

Along with weekly conversations with friend and psychologist Don Morrison, Lisa emerged with a fresh understanding of the mind’s agenda. She realized that most of us spend our lives unwittingly trailing around after our mind, unable to access the deep reservoir of inner calm and self-assuredness that resides within. She could see that feeling peaceful and contented comes from knowing how to use the mind’s awesome power for what it’s good at, and knowing how to put it in its place when it starts to become a nuisance and run amok.

Lisa grew up thinking that creativity was only for some people (not her) and can’t believe she now writes and draws for a living. She loves potatoes, mulch and packing delicious road snacks when going on a trip.

Franco spent his early years as a touring musician around the US and The Caribbean. In his late teens he moved into Boston and hired himself out as a bass player while taking writing courses at the Harvard Extension night school. He briefly attended the Berklee School of Music and studied privately under Charlie Benacos. He’s written and arranged for his own original bands and also written music for poetical theater, including Life After Motown–produced by Nobel Poet Laureate Derek Walcott, and Where The Red Road Runs, a Native American perspective of the European settlement of the Americas, which ran for six months in a Cambridge theater.

In 1995 Franco was introduced to the writings of George Pransky, Sydney Banks, and the Psychology of Mind, which later became Three Principles Psychology. He began to see the role his mind plays in his everyday life and to look there first for the source of any anxiety or stress. What he learned in this time period would later inform his contribution to “Whose Mind Is It Anyway?”

Today, Franco works in film production  in Los Angeles. He collaborates with Lisa on her blog and other projects. Among his favorite places to be is in his recording studio where, among other projects, he’s recorded 9 albums for homeless street musicians he met on the Venice Boardwalk. They’d leave his studio with a digital master they could duplicate sell on the boardwalk. A CD of Franco’s original songs is due out in 2016. Franco collaborates with Lisa on her blog.

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