amandajonesphoto-1 Join host Jeanne Catherine Gray as she talks with Amanda Jones about her UNcovery from an eating disorder. During two decades of shifting between bulimia and anorexia, traditional therapy and coping strategies only got Amanda so far.

Since quite a young age she was always drawn to the “invisible” world, leading her to study many spiritual traditions and esoteric mysteries, but she felt something was still not clear, and even missing. Then she discovered the Three Principles that explain how our experience is actually, really, truly created… And now she is so much more than “recovered”, she has UNcovered the true well-being that was always there. As she says, “It was waiting patiently for me to just pull back the curtain and catch a glimpse.”

Amanda grew up dancing in Seattle and followed her dreams to move to New York City in the early nineties. There she earned a BFA in Dance from New York University and began her own company Amanda Jones Dance as well as performing and creating dance works for various artists in the city and overseas. Deepening her interest in movement and the body, Amanda earned a Massage Therapy degree from NYC’s Swedish Institute of Massage and Applied Sciences. Amanda eventually moved to Austin Texas and performed and created dance with StillPoint Dance company as well as establishing a private Massage Therapy practice. Moving on from dance, Amanda creates handmade accessories and works of art involving hand embroidery, knitting, collage and fabrics. After discovering the Three Principles around 2013, Amanda has finally found a deep peace and happiness that she shares everyday with her husband Danny, and their bossy kitty Stella.

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