MarySchillerPhotoJoin host, Jeanne Catherine-Gray and coach, Mary Schiller to uncover a profound new way through trauma. In her own words Mary describes how The Three Principles Understanding transformed her:

“My experience with domestic violence began on the first day of my marriage to my ex-husband, when I was 22 years old. Even after we divorced seven years later, the abuse continued — for a total of almost 20 years. Although I no longer had to have any contact with him at that point, I had problems with symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder for another 10 years — until I found the Three Principles in 2014, when I was 52. By that point, I had lost count at 25 therapists and had also tried every alternative treatment I could find. Within just a few weeks of hearing about the Principles through Michael Neill’s book The Inside-Out Revolution, my symptoms of PTSD faded away, and they have never returned. I felt the profound effect of this new understanding and wanted to share it with others, so I became a Principles-based coach, helping people find their way back to the well-being that is their birthright.”

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to speak directly to Mary, whose story of trauma and recovery will inspire, lighten and bring hope to people suffering with PTSD all over the world.

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