Join Jeanne Catherine Gray as she hosts Sandra Koenig to talk about transcending trauma and the real possibility for anyone to recover their well-being, to return to complete mental health, no matter how much they feel traumatized by life’s events. Sandra is co-facilitating an upcoming event called Transcending Trauma with Christine Heath.

SandraKoenigpicSandra has years of experience working with professionals, entrepreneurs and creative types. She is a highly intuitive coach who brings a sense of joy and adventure to every conversation while helping clients explore their fullest potential. Sandra has a lifelong love of learning, and has spent many years studying transformational work – including in-depth experience with the Three Principles, the enneagram, the Release Technique, bioenergetics, yoga, process painting, and the Diamond Approach.

Sandra’s first training as a coach was at the Coaches Training Institute. She is currently on staff at Michael Neill’s Supercoach Academy, and having been through the academy has the additional credential as an Advanced Certified Transformative Coach. She holds a BS in Graphic Design from the University of Cincinnati, and a MA in Counseling Psychology/Expressive Arts Therapy from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Sandra also works as a brand coach and consultant, and has extensive experience in branding and design. You can read more about her work in that arena at

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