dorJoin host Jeanne Catherine-Gray and guest Dorota Juszkiewiczto discover how transformation healed Dorota through depression, and what she discovered about the power and the gift of you. This is a great opportunity to hear an introduction to mental health and well being through personal stories of transformation and how an introduction and growing understanding of the 3 principles can wake you up to a whole new way of living.

Dorota’s background spans the fields of psychology, human nutrition, and international public health. Her special interest is in mental health, psychological well-being and more specifically in enabling individuals, teams and organisations to realize their potential, achieve results with ease and simply flourish.

Dorota stumbled on an understanding known as three principles in December 2013 when she read Jack Pransky’s book ‘Somebody Should Have Told Us’. She tells her story about how this understanding recovered her from depression, enabled her to re-connect with people and simply awakened her to a new way of being and living.

Dorota is passionate about helping people to create deep fulfillment and love in their professional and private and lives. If you would like to find out more visit

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