Have you always wanted to have a relationship that works? Do you wish you could meet someone or get along better with the one you are already with?

What you may not realize is your human capacity for innate health and well being resides within. Take a look at upcoming conference of Innate Health: http://www.jewishcenterforwellbeing.com/2nd-annual-innate-health-conference.html

Join Jeanne Catherine-Gray as she interviews two conference presenters, Cathy Casey and Tzvi Werther about relationships and the impact of an innate health understanding. Learn the simple truth and stop making something that could be better worse, and something that should be over – better.

Catherine Casey, MA

Catherine Casey, M.A., Clinical Psychology, is an internationally recognized consultant/speaker who has conducted “principle based training” for the past 17 years. She currently resides in sunny San Jose, California where she has a 36-year-old son who recently married a lovely young lady. Mom is thrilled! She is an on-going mentor/trainer to a group of therapists in Antwerp, Belgium. She teaches in a variety of settings including corporate, non-profit, government and correctional facilities. She is currently conducting “Resiliency Seminars” in a large public hospital in California. Her passion will always be sharing her understanding of the principles to the disenfranchised, especially those in prison.

Tzvi Werther, LMHC

Tzvi Werther was born and raised in Milwaukee where here formed a deep bond with Rabbi and Rebbetzin Twerski. At their request, Tzvi has led the formation and organization of the Twerski Wellness Institute whose mission is to bring an understanding of Innate Health and the Three Principles to the Jewish Community. Tzvi is a licensed mental health counselor and resides in Brooklyn, NY.

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