Join in for this rare opportunity to hear clients share their stories of success! Divine Play’s Senior Associate, Jen Lucas will be inviting guests and stories that highlight the potential of the human mind and spirit. The guest today will be Jeanne Catherine Gray’s clients: sharing lots of stories about what has happened for people as they have crossed paths with Jeanne. Jeanne is an incredible coach and teacher – don’t miss this opportunity to hear real people, share real stories of inspiration and insight. Do YOU have your own story of what you are grateful to Jeanne for or how your life has changed since working with Jeanne or coming across this radio show even? Please join us in person (yes, cake is provided) or call in to the show! 1-844-390-TALK. Or you can send us your story ahead of time to jen@divineplay.com. Jen Lucas is a Senior Associate and Operations Manager at Divine Play and loves working with Jeanne.

Jen LucasI help women who are overwhelmed, stressed and burned out to experience ease and joy, naturally. Experiencing ease and joy is much simpler than most of us think.

My favorite way to work with clients is in a 4-day immersion, which is a bit like a retreat. Here is what some of my clients have said after working with me: Read More


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