helennealali Join host Jeanne Catherine Gray as she hosts Helen Neal-Ali for a discussion about racism. This podcast includes stories of racism experienced personally, stories of transformation in schools, and stories of hope through understanding the role of thought and who we really are.

Helen Neal-Ali is the Director of Training and Community Education at the Cypress Initiative in Brandon, Florida. The Cypress Initiative develops and implements individualized education, mentoring and coaching programs that focus on promoting healthy, productive relationships and resiliency in individuals, businesses and communities. 

In addition to its Business Edge Trainings and Adult Momentum Coaching, The Initiative has always strived to create services that support and empower our community’s most vulnerable, at-risk population. 

Helen Neal-Ali has over 18 years’ experience in prevention education and training. In the past 18 years she has trained with Elsie Spittle, Dr. Jack Pransky, Jan and Chip Chipman, Judith Sedgeman, Sara Murre and Michael Neill. Through her experience and recovery from domestic violence, she opened a licensed consulting firm, Life Changing Consulting. She has since developed and facilitated self-esteem, substance abuse and parenting programs to the clients of numerous local nonprofit agencies. Helen leads the charge facilitating programs in local schools and communities.

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