Join Jeanne Catherine Gray as she is joined again by Officers Ed Lemon and Jerry Williams. When Ed and Jerry were on the show a few months ago, we knew that this conversation could keep going. Both Ed and Jerry are interested in the impact that understanding the mind has on the work of police and others in criminal justice. In this show we will explore separate realities and what it has to do with profiling and policing.

Jerry and Ed photoEd Lemon is currently a Sergeant with the St Paul Police Department assigned to the Training Unit. He has been a police officer since 1981 and was previously employed in the cities of Boynton Beach, FL and Ft Lauderdale, FL. Among his other duties, he has written and administered grants dealing with high risk youth and their parents. These programs were directed at instructing Correction Workers, Teachers, Police, Counselors, and Social Service Providers in a 3 Principle-based approach to connecting with High Risk Youth and their families while lowering the youth’s risk of continued substance abuse, violent acts and other continued criminal activity. Additionally, Ed has served in the capacity of a Beat Officer, Patrol Supervisor, Juvenile Investigator, Homicide Investigator, Domestic Violence Investigator, and the Police Department’s Director of the Employee Assistance Program.

Jerry Williams has been a police officer for 33 years. His community policing work in Oakland, California led to crime declining to zero in a period of 18 months in the most dangerous neighborhood in the City of Oakland. Jerry trained with Roger Mills, one of the pioneers in the 3 Principles psychology. Jerry received the Peace Prize and was invited to the White House by Attorney General Janet Reno, who was impressed with the transformation in the communities of Coliseum Garden and Lockwood Garden. These two communities had been 4th in the nation for homicide and drugs.


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