Join Jeanne Catherine Gray as she hosts Mary Schiller to talk about permission. For the past 12 months, Mary Schiller has been conducting what she describes as a “permission project.” What would happen if she only did the things she wanted to do, and she stopped doing everything else? In short, she has given herself permission: permission to live the life she really wants to live. The results have been astonishing, more than she could have ever imagined. Who knew that major change could come so quickly from something so simple?

Mary1Mary Schiller is an author, coach and self-proclaimed Chief Permission Granter. Her books, available on Amazon, include You Have Permission, Mind Yoga, and How to Be Happy When You’re Broke. Mary works with individuals and groups, showing people how to bring more creativity, joy and passion into their daily lives. She has recently begun helping other coaches who want to expand their reach and build their business through creating passive-income products, like books and online courses. Find Mary at and


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