Our interview today is with Mahima Shrestha, whose work is at an intersection where conversations around innovation, violence, entrepreneurship and policy all come together. “Perhaps because I work on the ‘people are amazing’ side of the human story I often get asked about the opposite- the horrific things we human beings are capable of doing to ourselves and each other. Speaking of violence or suicide or child trafficking the two most common questions I get are: “why do people do that?” and “how can we curb large scale hate and violence?” Join Jeanne Catherine as she asks Mahima the big questions about how understanding human experience can transform human atrocity.

naisWith a background in media and crisis communications, Mahima is obsessed with bringing bright people together to find solutions to complex problems. Over the years she has worked with government, multilateral, private and non-profit organizations in a wide range of sectors including aviation, hydropower, tourism, investment climate reform, automobiles, finance, education, telecommunications and healthcare. This diversity in her work portfolio has given her unique insight into what it takes for people to put aside differences, overcome traumatic history and find a way to move forward individually and collectively. She works with entrepreneurs, think tanks, innovators, social businesses as well as young people with the desire and potential to be changemakers within their families, communities, organizations and countries. Mahima received an Iconic Women Creating a Better World for a All award from Women’s Economic Forum in 2017 for her work.


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