favorite-jean-bwIt seems like a life time ago; the first time I was groped on the subway by a strange “old” man; the time my high school was dismissed early, a SWAT team guns aimed down from the roof, to dissuade gang activity; friends asking me to use my whiteness to get a taxi for us. Perhaps this sounds like a bad movie but it was a part of my childhood growing up in NYC.

After years of random acts of violence, I packed my silence into my body. With two working parents, caught in their own realities, I didn’t know any other way to take care of myself. I got sick, felt pain, and hooked on pain relief medication and alcohol.

Now I barely remember that life! I can’t believe I was just describing me. Did a miracle happen? No, I discovered how my human experience worked and the implications of this simple understanding transformed my experience of life forever.

I wouldn’t do this show, and share all this personal stuff, it I didn’t know that everyone has the same capacity for insight, healing and better outcomes in experience. Join us this Monday to hear my story and find out how change happens from the inside-out.

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