Join Jeanne Catherine Gray as she hosts Mahima Shrestha from Nepal. If you are interested in creating change in the world, this is the show for you. Mahima has a passion for helping people see that real change comes from the smallest unit: you. Our best bet in creating change is in seeing for ourselves the role of thought in our lives and the infinite insight potential of mind built into the human system.

MahimaWith a background in media and crisis communications, Mahima is interested in bringing people together to find solutions to complex problems and facilitating long-term change in culture and communities. Over the years she has worked with government, multilateral, private and non-profit organizations in a wide range of sectors including aviation, hydropower, tourism, investment climate reform, automobiles, finance, education, telecommunications and healthcare. Mahima works with entrepreneurs, senior leaders in business and nonprofits, think tanks, social entrepreneurs, as well as young people with the desire and potential to be changemakers within their families, communities, organizations and countries.


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