Today, human health care is in a critical position. 54% – 65% of all healthcare professionals are currently estimated to burn out due to stress. Current methods to stem the tide of burnout have focused on coping strategies and techniques that deal with stress. Unfortunately, attempting to deal with stress after it occurs increases the day to day workload. Indeed, the tools themselves must be utilized again and again for short-term satisfaction or effects. Not only are stress and burnout optional, they are preventable once we understand where our experience is coming from.

See for yourself how:

  • Previous ideas about stress have led to burnout in the helping professions
  • To bounce back from adversity and prevent stress.
  • To create a psychological immunity to perceived stress.

Join Jeanne Catherine Gray as she hosts Joe Bailey in a show about rediscovering the resilient Self that is already there, whole and indestructable. Join thousands who have jump started their professional careers through gaining this simple yet profound understanding.

JoeBailey3Joe Bailey, M.A., L.P. is an author, seminar leader, consultant to organizations, public speaker, psychotherapist and a licensed psychologist. His work has included co-founding The Minneapolis Institute of Mental Health, developing programs for health care provider wellness at the University of Minnesota and numerous hospitals including North Memorial Hospital, Minneapolis, East Lansing Health System and Mayo Clinic Arizona, treatment centers for addictions—Gulf Breeze Recovery, Meridian Systems and Farnum Center, and numerous social service agencies. Joe has worked for over forty years as a psychotherapist, trainer, administrator, supervisor and consultant to clinics, hospitals, businesses and other government groups. He is author of six books including the best seller, Slowing Down to the Speed of Life with Dr. Richard Carlson, The Serenity Principle, Slowing Down to the Speed of Love, Fearproof Your Life: How to Thrive in a World Addicted to Fear, and his latest book that he contributed to, Creating a Marriage You’ll Love (2010). He is currently working on a new book called The Resilient Healer—The Epidemic of Burnout and How to Cure It (Foreword by Dr. Wyatt Decker, CEO Mayo Clinic Arizona). You can learn more about Joe and his work at


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