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Waking Up:The Neuroscience of Awareness

Human beings are born with the incredible capacity to be self-aware or conscious, yet we spend very little time learning how consciousness impacts our human experience. Each week Waking Up radio explores:

  • Thought: The Windshield of Your Mind
  • Consciousness: Being Is Doing
  • Mind: A Bird’s Eye View

As we explore these fundamental principles of the human psychological experience, we will also share the latest research in neuroscience and what the brain tells us about thriving, living and effortless success.

Latest Episodes

The Gift of You

Join Jeanne Catherine Gray and Jen Lucas as they discuss what it means to give the gift of yourself to the world. They explore the emphasis on you: what you need to know about changing perspectives that can transform your holiday, your business, and your life. Their...

The Other Side of Burnout

Have you ever wondered if you just can’t take it anymore; that the stress of helping others is just too much? Do you think stress is inevitable or is it optional? Have you ever wished you could recapture the feelings and passion you once had for helping others? Not...


Join host Jeanne Catherine Gray as she hosts Helen Neal-Ali for a discussion about racism. This podcast includes stories of racism experienced personally, stories of transformation in schools, and stories of hope through understanding the role of thought and who we...

The Gift of You

Join host Jeanne Catherine-Gray and guest Dorota Juszkiewiczto discover how transformation healed Dorota through depression, and what she discovered about the power and the gift of you. This is a great opportunity to hear an introduction to mental health and well...

Down & Out? Embrace A New Understanding

Meet Nathaniel Moore: My life has been filled with amazing experiences and I am completely recovered from substance abuse.  I have been working at Independence Place Charlotte for 6 years, 3 years volunteering and 3 years as Operations Director.  We are an Independent...

How Do I GET Mental Health?

Do you live under the shadow of your diagnosis? Are you constantly attempting to feel better? Do you wish you could find a 'way out' but don't believe what you have is curable? Today, on Waking Up, we will be exploring how mental health works, what to do to 'get' more...

When Parenting Sucks!

Parents are afraid to admit that parenting sometimes (or most of the time) feels 'hard'. Parents struggle with unrealistic thinking about how kids should be and this thinking adds stress to an already complex and noisy environment. Some parents deal with this by...

The Single Paradigm

Ever wondered if their was a simple way to understand and teach mental health and well being for your self or for your clients? Join Dr. Annika Hurwitt as she discusses the benefits to understanding a principles based single paradigm to living and to building a...

Escaping the Rat Race

Join host Jeanne Catherine-Gray as she interviews Amy Leo about her podcast series called Escaping the Rat Race. Learn how people live with more clarity, wisdom and freedom. Join us to question the status quo and push the boundaries on what is possible for human...

Whose Mind Is It Anyway??

Meet the authors of this easy to read, illustrated manual of the mind! Discover 7 easy tips to changing your experience of life from the inside out - for the better! LISA ESILE Lisa has a master’s degree in science. She regularly guest blogs on Tiny Buddha and has her...

Money, Money, Money

Join guest host Jen Lucas as she asks Jeanne Catherine-Gray about money, peace of mind and well being. If you have always wished you could have ease and freedom in your financial house - then this show is for you!...

Popular Episodes

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