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Waking Up:The Neuroscience of Awareness

Human beings are born with the incredible capacity to be self-aware or conscious, yet we spend very little time learning how consciousness impacts our human experience. Each week Waking Up radio explores:

  • Thought: The Windshield of Your Mind
  • Consciousness: Being Is Doing
  • Mind: A Bird’s Eye View

As we explore these fundamental principles of the human psychological experience, we will also share the latest research in neuroscience and what the brain tells us about thriving, living and effortless success.

Latest Episodes

What if Inmates Felt Better?

When someone is a victim of crime all sorts of emotions and feelings are evoked especially when the crime involves violence or harm against ourselves or someone we love. Prisons are full of people who have done such things. Our communities are full of people who act...

How I Built This?

Ron McVety didn't have much to start with back in 1987. He had a degree in mechanical engineering, a few years of experience in designing assembly machines for TVs, a spare room, and a vision that everyone can benefit from automation. But that's all McVety needed to...

Silence and Love

Silence & Love Explore how silence & love can guide you into a deep and grounded understanding of your spiritual home base - a natural result to being in your innate well being. In this episode, explore your well being and how your spiritual health relates to...

Beyond Special

Join Jeanne Catherine and Barb Patterson as they explore individual human experience as ordinarily extra-ordinary! Learn to explore innate health and spiritual understanding as a way to navigate and enjoy living every normal day!    ...


What is resiliency? Is it important? Where does it come from? Can I get some??? Join Jeanne Catherine as we explore her understanding and her studies of resiliency. Whether you are curious about what innate health is, want more simplicity in your complicated life or...

Profiling: Policing Part 2

Join Jeanne Catherine Gray as she is joined again by Officers Ed Lemon and Jerry Williams. When Ed and Jerry were on the show a few months ago, we knew that this conversation could keep going. Both Ed and Jerry are interested in the impact that understanding the mind...

Spiritual Activism

Ami Chen Mills-Naim has been a long time teacher of the Three Principles psychology, and was a student of Sydney Banks, as well as being the daughter of one of the great pioneers of the Principles understanding, Dr. Roger C. Mills. Just before and after the 2016...

Popular Episodes

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