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Waking Up:The Neuroscience of Awareness

Interested in reducing stress, feeling better and learning more about functional mental health?

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Human beings are born with the incredible capacity to be self-aware or conscious, yet we spend very little time learning how consciousness impacts our human experience. Each week Waking Up radio explores:

  • Thought: The Windshield of Your Mind
  • Consciousness: Being Is Doing
  • Mind: A Bird’s Eye View

As we explore these fundamental principles of the human psychological experience, we will also share the latest research in neuroscience and what the brain tells us about thriving, living and effortless success.

Here is a list with descriptions of past podcasts, if you want to listen to one of them, please go to the following link to find your choice: Click Here

Latest Episodes

Real Change

Join host Jeanne Catherine and her guest, executive coach, Elizabeth Lovius to explore how real change happens in companies where she works with management (like IBM, Harrods and more) to discovering principles for more personal change, in all our busy and full human...

Sexuality Embodied: Inside Out

Join host Jeanne Catherine & Guest Marie Thouin-Savard to explore a new perspective on sexuality - discovering your sexual well-being from the inside out! Marie, new to the three principles, will bring a fresh perspective to the conversation about what and how...

Success in the New Year!

Join host, Jeanne Catherine and guest Caroline Frenette to explore Success in the New Year. Whether you are business owner, a parent or a failure - this conversation will help you reconsider success in a new light. Practical, helpful and down to earth, Caroline and...

How Do I Get Out of Upset?

Join host Jeanne Catherine and guest Aviva Barnett, LSW,, to explore how to get out of upset. Falling out of alignment, getting caught up with our personal thinking or over identifying with personal stories can all lead us to pain and suffering. How do we avoid this?...

Right Now

An intimate exploration of how people think and why they don't have to! Join host, Jeanne Catherine and her guest, Steve Chandler to explore your invented future, life changing all by itself, and what you can do right now. All based on his newest book: Right Now!...

Truth & Freedom

Tzvi Werther was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he formed a deep bond with Rabbi Michael Twerski. At his request, Tzvi has led the formation and organization of the Twerski Wellness Institute with the mission of bringing an understanding of Innate...

Why Not Me?

Have you created a big project, experienced the fear of it not completing, or wish you had a magic ball to see what will happen? Are you someone who wishes you could create cool stuff but are scared of taking on the risk?  ...

Taking Risks

Join guest host Amy Leo as she interviews Waking Up's host Jeanne Catherine about taking risks - Why do you take them? How do we know when to take them? What are the payoffs and the downfalls to taking risks? Jeanne Catherine is the financial backer to The Awesome...

What if Inmates Felt Better?

When someone is a victim of crime all sorts of emotions and feelings are evoked especially when the crime involves violence or harm against ourselves or someone we love. Prisons are full of people who have done such things. Our communities are full of people who act...

How I Built This?

Ron McVety didn't have much to start with back in 1987. He had a degree in mechanical engineering, a few years of experience in designing assembly machines for TVs, a spare room, and a vision that everyone can benefit from automation. But that's all McVety needed to...

Silence and Love

Silence & Love Explore how silence & love can guide you into a deep and grounded understanding of your spiritual home base - a natural result to being in your innate well being. In this episode, explore your well being and how your spiritual health relates to...

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