Divine Play Visits SuperMind!

Join Jeanne Catherine-Gray, host of Waking Up: The Neuroscience of Awareness and discover what you may not know that is super simple! Take your Three Principles understanding to a whole new level by uncovering how “important” thinking can lead you away from health, vitality and well being. This year, keep life simple and enjoy life more with a little secret to seeing your own crazy at work!If your still wondering how to “make” the principles “work” for you, or you still feel that everyone else must be getting this wrong, or better yet – you find you ruminate about money, sex or loss – what ever is one your mind – this simple conversation about the experience of “important” will give you a new view for the BEST YEAR YET!

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Join husband and wife team, Jeanne and John Catherine-Gray to explore how well being exists within intimate relationships. Learn to recognize crazy thinking in you or your partner no matter the topic. Sex, money, death and housekeeping – all topics are up for grabs with this loving and authentic couple. Click here for more info.

Join John Gray as he shares how cancer diagnosis changed his life and the role his understanding of the three principles played. Learn how embracing life can make even the most dire diagnosis simple and full of love. Click here for more info.

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