Jen and Becker Halloween1. My daughters imagine they are dancing and singing on the stage in front of an audience of adoring fans. Trick or Treat?

2. My client asks, “When am I going to stop making myself sad?” Trick or Treat?

3. My husband and I discuss a time when we made love almost everyday! Trick or Treat?

No matter your response to the above, whether you hear a trick or a treat in the description, there is one thing that all the above have in common. They are all concepts made up in our personal thinking.

“What?” You may be thinking. After all, imagining you are dancing on stage is very different than feeling sad. But is it?

All people create their reality through three laws of human psychological experience. These laws are universal and by themselves don’t tell you what to do, what to think or how to behave. Unlike religion or rules of conduct, these laws act similarly to gravity. When you know conceptually that gravity exists, it’s just an idea; but when you understand how it works, it opens your mind. A new understanding of gravity changes the way engineers build, or, more simply, it means you may be more cautious when picnicking under a coconut tree. Like understanding gravity, these three principles of human psychological experience provide an opportunity for a new understanding and new routes by which to build your life.

What are these principles and how do they work? It is very simple, so simple that you will have your own trick and treat responses to the very thought of them.

  1. Universal Mind: That everything is made up of the same building blocks, call it god, call it string theory, whatever you call it – it exists. And this is where our physical and psychological experience begins.
  2. Universal Consciousness: That there is an awareness of oneself in relation to other. A plant reaches for the sun. People know that they think.
  3. Universal Thought: Refers to all the content of our experience: thinking, sensation, emotion, and any personal stories we tell or anything that arises beyond our control. All of this content of experience is Universal Thought.

I hesitated even to enumerate the principles here because the life-altering experience comes not from the description of them, but from the understanding of them.

The next time you catch yourself experiencing thought, recognize your shared humanity, give thanks for the gift of thought, and enjoy the trick or the treat.

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