MMP_6672At Divine Play, we used to think life had to be figured out, planned and executed step by step.

But what we discovered is that life is simpler than we thought. Case in point: This month, effortlessly,

Jen Lucas co-founded the Lighten Up Community with Jacquie Forde, booked plane tickets to both the U.K. and to Chicago (for several trainings plus a meeting at the Scottish Parliament), and began plans with Andy Winter for a winter retreat to Costa Rica (details coming soon). Jen is even offering a sequence painting class in Charlottesville in May!

I took on another apprentice, held meetings for four separate groups, hosted Dicken Bettinger in Charlottesville, booked Jack Pransky for August 8-10 in Charlottesville, and enjoyed several interviews on the radio with the best Three Principles teachers. Monday April 13th I am thrilled to speak with Elsie Spittle and Chip Chipman on Being in Service from the Inside Out.

John Gray has taken on, with effortless full-time commitment, a project that once seemed like a chore.

And this is just a portion of what we’ve been doing!

We haven’t been agonizing over these plans. We didn’t do it the way we used to. Apparently, we don’t have to plan life to have plans! If you don’t know what I mean, here is an example from one of my clients:

In session she said, “But how do I build a group if I don’t have the name, a flier, a description?”

I said, “What makes you think you need any of those things to build your group?”

Here is where the misunderstanding begins. Every time we think that life should unfold a certain way, we are missing life unfolding. This is true for the ideal life partner, it is true for raising our kids and it is true for building a business.

If you really want to build a thriving business, stop thinking about it. Do what’s in front of you. This client already had someone who wanted to join her group, but instead of setting a start date, taking a down payment or asking to speak to this woman’s friends – my client was worried about the name of the group and the flier!

When we are not spending time thinking about plans and what is the right thing to do, life happens – including plans. Creativity pulls us along, showing up every moment.

Life is simpler than you think it is. Take advantage of that fact.

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