Mara GleasonI now understand why enlightened people see the future, it is not because they are so different than you or I; things are quieter for them because it doesn’t look like such a good idea to chase their minds around. These extraordinary beings see personal thinking as pointless and irrelevant. With that understanding, thinking drops away, and all that is left is what is here and now.

From such a position, every woman or man would become a seer.

Mara Gleason is one of those human beings who sees farther in the moment, because so much of the noise has dropped away. No, she is not the Dalai Lama. But that is sort of the point. She is human, like the rest of us, yet she sees and understands something so simple and fundamental that it changes lives. Anyone is only one thought away from the peace and simplicity of this understanding.

Mara lives in New York City. And she travels the world working with individuals, students and corporations, helping a wide range of human beings drop the noise of thought and see more clearly.

You can meet her in Charlottesville VA on Monday night 5:00 – 7:00. Or you can join her for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for a workshop.

Mara will talk about a paradigm shift in our understanding of psychological health. She will share the natural laws by which human beings experience the world. She will listen, be present, and allow a beautiful feeling to unfold.

Mara Gleason is a leader in the field of innate health. A woman creating the ultimate experience of how the natural laws of being human unfold.

An opportunity to change everything without changing a thing, don’t miss it.

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