Jeanne Catherine

Jeanne Catherine

I am the last expert you will ever need. I don’t mean you won’t want to hire a housekeeper, or visit a cardiologist; I mean that after we work together you will see your own wisdom and you will stop looking to other people to give you direction.

You will follow your own direction. And you will become the person in your family, in your company, in your dance club, who shows other people that they are wise, and capable, and human.

As you live life, your wisdom will take you in many directions, sometimes to experts for information about the direction you are taking, sometimes into a surprising or unconventional choice, one that never occurred to you, outside of the moment that you are living. That is it. Simple.

You won’t need an expert to save you, to hold you accountable, to make you good or right or better. You won’t be fearful that the circumstances of life will bring you down.

Once you see the simplicity by which life is experienced, once you see the gift that human beings are given or how well your mental health takes care of itself or how your wisdom is hard-wired to guide you towards thriving, once you see any of that, there will be nothing left to “do” in your mind. You will just be in action.

Action is every moment of our lives. Choosing to sleep, to exercise, to eat, to love, to fight, to hide; whatever the choosing, life is action.

How do you know when wisdom is speaking? You only need one person to show you the way, one person and it is simple. You are that person.

You will know when you are done reading this what you need, and you will ask for it.

At first without hesitation and fear, before personal thinking comes rushing in again, before that moment, it will be clear. The only thing you need to know is how thought works, the missing link, the new paradigm; simple, explainable, sharable, and life-altering in every way.

What is it you need to know about how thought works?

It is worth every investigation.

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