Outcasted, I feel
U brought this onto me.
Terrified of my world around me,
Scared and morose,
I only see,
Depression and anxiety
Engulf me like wicked flames

I fight to extinguish this burning pit I’m in,
Nonetheless, I find no way out because I’m


I see a light in the darkness, I’m jolted.
No outside energy or resource powers me to feel
Sunshine or sadness.
It’s true resource
Defines me,
Experiencing thought in the moment.

Outside in, it is not.
Understanding, I’m feeling
Thought in the moment.


Meet Our Students! Divine Play offers a 9-month, Train the Trainer Certification Program. This year we have 8 fabulous students, each expanding their understanding, their services and their peace of mind! This blog is written by one of our students! Meet Zeldy Trieff here:

Zeldy.HeadshotI grew up in Brooklyn, NY in a large family. After a chaotic childhood and early adult challenges, I started a quest for spiritual and emotional well-being. Though my challenges I learned, compassion, love, and acceptance for all. I’d never give this up for anything. I am passionate about my current work – directing a program for folks who grew up with similar challenges and teaching elementary school children. I implement my understanding of the 3 principles into these programs, with tremendous results. It brings me tremendous joy seeing people discover their wisdom, leading happier and more peaceful lives. I currently live in North Jersey with my loving husband and 3 beautiful children.

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