“I say there is this living reality, call it God, truth, or what you like, and it cannot be found or realized through search. Where there is the implication of search, there must be contrast and duality” (Krishnamurti, P. 37)

Jeanne CatherineThe old paradigm is that human beings are dependent on their own idea of self, that they must define, capture and make permanent their own history of thought. But this is the fundamental misunderstanding of human psychology. Human beings are made up of thought in the moment. Even memories are put together in the moment, again and again. That thought appears familiar, real and compelling, that these memories can come alive; that is the gift of Mind, the gift that allows us to experience life.

Human beings fight, suffer, strive and collide based on a fundamental misunderstanding about who they think they are and the unfortunate conception that felt experiences come from somewhere other than energy flow from within.

The field of psychology has alluded to this understanding in its own way. Immanual Kant (1724-1804), inspired by Copernicus’s insistence that the earth was not the center of the solar system, endeavored to examine psychological thought from a completely new frame of reference. Kant argued, “experience was actually shaped by our concepts rather than the other way around” (Benjafield, p.18).

And William James (1842-1910), called the father of American Psychology, stated “The only thing which psychology has a right to postulate at the outset is the fact of thinking itself” (p.224).

Throughout the centuries, a variety of religious leaders and philosophers have examined the energy flow of thought and pronounced it to be the source of our experience. Once the field of psychology embraces thought as an energy flow of information which shapes our experiences of life – once the paradigm shifts – there will be a revolution in human consciousness.

The understanding of the flow of energy as the source of my human experience has changed how I live my life. And I have seen my clients’ lives significantly impacted by seeing feelings as a result of thought in the moment and nothing else. It is the single most impactful conversation anyone in the field of psychology can have today.

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References From Today’s Blog: This blog is based on the work of Sydney Banks and the following readings were quoted.

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