“One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore.”
-Andre Gide

IMG_3557I continuously need to remind myself that future is an incomplete equation…

How often do I imagine future scenarios? How often do I create expectations and spend time thinking about them as if they are true?

I can honestly tell you I do it all the time. I have an active, imaginative mind. Before I even notice, my mind is plotting and creating vivid storylines. Gosh – I sometimes fall in love with those stories! I really want them to happen! I even get disappointed if they don’t.

Now, on one hand there is nothing wrong with it. I have an intellect, a capacity to remember, or visualise, or imagine…and if you are a dreamer like me then you probably know what I am taking about. On the other hand, I have realised that this ‘tripping’ into the future and especially ‘holding onto’ those imagined expectations, literally trips me out of a present moment and holds me captive to this narrow vision of the future – however beautiful I have imagined it.

I have just returned from Washington DC. It was my first visit and my traveller’s excitement made my eyes so big! I just wanted to see and experience everything! I felt completely unburdened. Every moment was another – ‘what’s around the corner’ – experience…

What if it was possible to have the same experience in life? What if my imagined scenarios ‘make my eyes smaller’ and, in a way, narrow my vision and clamp my experience? What if it prevents me from seeing wider perspective…being open…experiencing wonder and miraculous unfolding of life? What if life already knows what it’s doing?

So let’s do it together! Let’s lose sight of the shore and see what happens…

Bon Voyage my loves! And remember… Life is an incomplete equation.


PS If anything here struck chord with you, if you have any questions or reflections, please post in comments, message, email or call – I would love to talk with you!


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