autumn-goodman-242822I work and live within a larger community called The Three Principles. This is a loose network of different kinds of people, coaches, therapists, teachers, social workers, counselors, educators, community organizers and more.

The teaching of the Principles is high impact for increasing mental health, personal vitality and community engagement. It does that through insight and realization. People have insights and realizations at different rates, but some teachers and some insights are clearer and simpler than others.

Keith Blevens and Valda Monroe are the founders of a teaching within the Three Principles called The Single Paradigm. Their teaching is very helpful because it starts with pointing out the fundamental cultural issue – we recognize that our thinking is giving us our experience but then we also assume our feelings are caused by an event outside of us. Since we think outside events are causing our feelings – we imagine the feeling-thought loop is outside of our control.

Blevens and Monroe created a simple, clear and specific process by which people can begin to uncover the truth of their experience. The more people recognize themselves as caught in outside-in thinking, the more they naturally wake up to the inside-out system at work in their lives. Our feelings are created by thought in the moment and nothing else.

What is so appealing about The Single Paradigm is its ease of sharing, of understanding and frankly – it is easier to reproduce! As a PhD student, I see the teaching as a wonderful opportunity for research.

However, that is not the only teaching that is clear, helpful and impactful. Mara Gleason has co-founded an organization called One Solution. This global civic minded non-profit points to the power of recognizing global problems as one invisible problem that underlies every single issue. They too, point out that believing our feelings are coming from external forces are the root to current global problems. One Solution proposes that the realization of our inside out experience is the key to resolving global crises – we are literally one thought away from a solution!

Insight Principles has developed a teaching exclusively for their work with businesses, Gulf Breeze Recovery works with addicts, the Cypress Initiative works with Educators and their students, and The Center for Sustainable Change creates community projects with volunteers and Divine Play works right here in Charlottesville, VA. These are just a few of the three principles things going on – there is more!

Every teacher, every organization, represents a different teaching methodology sprouting from the teachings of a man named Sydney Banks. One of the central implications to Banks teaching was – each soul experiences life as an individual with a separate reality. That fundamental truth explains why so many different ways of teaching have developed. It also means that no one person or group can truthfully say, “you aren’t doing it right.” Sydney Banks had a direct experience of spirit/god or mind, and knew what it looked and felt like to see through the illusion. This is why he told many individuals within The Three Principles community, “you have to go off, see if for yourself, and then put it in your own words your own way.”

As a researcher, practitioner, and student of The Three Principles, I have immersed myself in many of these different teaching methods, and learned from teachers from all sides. I have read the books of Sydney Banks, the founder of the three principles, and listened to his teachings. I have taught from every angle and watched how people responded, considered what they heard, and appreciated what they learned. I have written research papers on paradigms, on mindfulness, on resiliency, and a myriad of other subjects that The Three Principles teachings bring to mind – including critiques of Three Principles research.

Joe Bailey, Dicken Bettinger, Sandy Krot, and Jack Pransky are a few of the teachers I have co-taught with. They each have said extremely positive things about my teaching, felt they learned something from working with me and three of them specifically said they would like to co-teach again. Each of them have a distinct teaching style and believe their particular approach is the best way. Each of them have published books in the principles and have been working in the Three Principles field – A Really Long Time!

In spite of all of that positive feedback and years of training and successful teaching, there are still teachers who say I am not enough. One person said they didn’t want to teach with me because I did not “have the right feeling.” Another person said, they couldn’t work with me because, “You invite teachers who are not single paradigm.” And, when I put together The Awesome Event – there were people from different teaching methodologies who wouldn’t participate because the “other” methodology would be too confusing. There are rumors that certain people weren’t invited to certain conferences because they too, didn’t have the right feeling or weren’t single paradigm.

How can it be, that a community whose individual lives have been transformed by realization and insight, could have so many party poopers??? (This is my word for lacking the spirit of collaboration)

I will tell you why – because we are all human. We all have our thinking and our thinking looks real – that is the beauty of a spiritual-psychological system – we are each of us creators of our own reality.

The Great Divide? It lives within you. Whenever you believe what you think, there you are. You live within duality, a mixed paradigm, a misunderstanding. All of us do. There is nothing you can do to change the fact of that spiritual-psychological-physical existence.

However, you can understand it for yourself. You can choose not to engage in thinking that is small minded, limiting or unproductive. You can back away from outside-in thinking and ask yourself, “Is that true? Is my experience coming from out there?” You have free will to examine your experience and uncover something for yourself. My only request is that you remember – everyone else has it too.

You are worth every investigation.

Jeanne Catherine

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