Tip #1: Recognize your crazy.

When you are saying to your child, “If you don’t clean your room up right now I am not going to buy you cookie dough for the rest of your life,” that is a bit crazy.

When you are saying to your employee, “I can’t take it any more, if you don’t do what I asked you to do right now, you are fired!” Could be crazy.

When you are saying to your lover, “I can’t believe you didn’t wash the dishes, what is wrong with you?” Crazy.

It is not the words alone. It is a feeling that all human beings get: one of insecurity, fear, anxiety, hopelessness, anger, frustration – a feeling that is so big, so consuming that it takes over. And then, crazy happens.

Learn to recognize your crazy and you will master your work, your relationships, and your life. Not because you are doing something important but because you will know when NOT to do something crazy.

Crazy does not free you from the problem. Worry, fear, concern, anxiety will not give you perspective, ideas, or new avenues. Expressing your crazy to others will not make you feel better or give you relief. What will give you hope is backing off crazy and finding the simplicity of living.

Turns out living is designed to unfold with a genuinely peaceful feeling, one which we can return to, refresh ourselves with, and rediscover – in every moment of every day. And luckily for us we don’t have to meditate, write, take a bath or light a candle to experience the moment. It is happening, every day and in every way. Sometimes we just get crazy and stop noticing.

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