Each person has a unique perspective on what it means to work. Conscious and unconscious thought is always arising about work. Some thinking is helpful and useful. Some thinking is just plain bland. And occasionally some thinking which, if taken seriously, will stop you from pursuing your ultimate dreams.

For me, I love to work. I started odd jobs when I was 11 years old. I realized that I could go out in the world and make money, using it any way I wanted. I especially loved saving money, counting it as it grew. I was a kid, so we are talking about a few dollars here and there, but boy I felt like a Queen.

Not everyone feels this way about money. One friend said, she felt she had such a terrible childhood that she was owed a free ride. Another friend said, he always thought he shouldn’t have to work because he is so enlightened. Still another came from a family who had little opportunities for work, and she feels grateful every day for the work she does in the world.

When I heard these other perspectives for the first time I was so surprised. How miserable some people must be when they work! And I felt grateful. I was lucky in what I thought about work. I chose to see it as a vehicle to freedom, not as a chore, which had to be born.

Whatever the approach to work, it appears to be an early thought which repeats itself again and again. Somehow, the expectation of what should happen trumps the circumstances in which people actually live.

Ultimately this is how thought works. It is constantly arising and we are choosing what to take seriously and what to ignore. Take a moment to consider what you are thinking about work.

What does working mean to you?

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