Jeanne-Catherine-smiling-close-up2-248x300I can’t tell you how often I see people struggle with this issue. They look at their wallet, they look at their bank account and they think, “No way does it make sense to buy into this program right now.” It doesn’t really matter what the program is, it could be designed to save their marriage or to propel their business into a new phase, or to give them a foundation of mental health and vitality. Whatever it is, they won’t do it if they don’t see how it will help them get out of what they are currently living in.

But wait a second! If they need to get out of what they are currently living in – a bad marriage, a toxic environment, terrible anxiety, whatever it is – they can’t get out if they stay where they are. After all, “where you are” is the problem!

If this kind of situation is familiar to you, then you are in for a big surprise. Here is the deal: people like me who spent a lot of money learning new things from great teachers, or who built businesses and learned along the way, or who love their kids and decided spending the money was worth it – we learned more! While we may have some debt or less retirement or a whole lot of extra hours at work – whatever we did to make the program happen – we did it and it was worth it!

When I signed up for programs, the ones that really got me into gear and helped me lay a powerful foundation for being of service, business-building and whatever was next in my life –the expense of these programs helped me jump in. I knew I was going to have to earn it back and I worked more hours, saw more people and made more offers than ever before. And lo and behold, I was more helpful and made more money.

The problem with staying with the idea that we can’t and so we shouldn’t is that it sets us up for going nowhere fast and with less grace, ease and happiness than would have been available to us on the “other” path.

Don’t get me wrong. If you hear “No Way” – that is really simple. But if you hear, “YES! That program is for me” followed by all the noise: “but how, why, what?” Ignore the “logic” of the conceptual mind. It is holding you back from a phenomenal life!

From now on, when the fear and anxiety of making money choices comes rushing in, remind yourself: There is nothing to be afraid of. Having or not having money is not the end of my world. But refusing to follow your inner wisdom? That is a price I don’t want to pay!

Speaking of programs. Divine Play is offering it’s first 3 principles practitioner program. Learn how to share the 3 principles effectively – with ease and grace. Contact Jeanne Catherine to find out more about this simple and transformative program.

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