2With the Three Principles Train the Trainer School fast approaching, I find myself in conversations with potential students every other day. From e-mails to phone calls, to actual Skype interviews, coaches are expressing an interest in how the school works and what it’s all about.

While I enjoy sharing my vision for the school, and absolutely LOVE hearing what people are doing with their businesses, one theme in particular really jumps out at me. Potential students fall into two groups, “I really want to do this, I am committing to it.” OR “Wow, sounds amazing! I just don’t have the money (or the time or the energy), right now but if something else comes along that I can afford, please keep me in the loop.”

At first glance, it may appear that the first group has the money, the time, or the energy, so they are jumping in. Don’t be fooled by your assumption – they don’t.

In fact, upon closer examination, many of the people who “just don’t have it right now” do, in fact, have it. They are retired, or they have a pension, or they aren’t working full time or whatever – they have time, money or even energy. People in the latter category don’t have fewer resources than people in the first category – they just don’t think they have it and so they don’t.

It is surprisingly simple. Thought is what divides these groups. The first group says, “I want to build a Three Principles practice, and I have heard Jeanne on the radio. I have heard these guest faculty, and this program is spot on for what I want to create for myself, my business and my community.” Then this group goes about making the money, having the conversations, and ultimately, because of the way they think about investing in themselves and their vision – they will build a business.

I promise you, no one in this group is 100% confident. Some of them wonder at night, “have I made a mistake? Can I make this money (the school tuition) back? What if I fail?”

It is not that successful people don’t think this. The truth is, we think it and we go ahead anyway.

From my perspective, the worst thing that could happen is that I live my life without ever jumping, leaping or otherwise taking a chance on me – what I think. Honestly, that is also how I see the worst case scenario for you and your business. Don’t wait to get all your ducks in a row, or until your inheritance comes in, or until your business magically evolves. Don’t wait for anything. Follow your intuition, your spirit, your felt sense – when you hear, “YES! I want to do that!” Don’t wait for you head to catch up.

It is worth every investigation.

Ready to Leap? Interviews are going on right now. There are only four spots left in the school. We are holding these spots for practitioners who want to create a thriving business that they love. To find out more about the program: visit this page, or to schedule an interview: contact jeanne@divineplay.com.

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