John Gray

John-laughing-199x300Jeanne‘s husband, John Gray was the catalyst behind designing and building the physical office space for Divine Play. With a background in engineering, he sees the benefits to understanding how thought creates experience for improving life choices for men.

As director of the domestic violence prevention program for The Center of Sustainable Change,  John takes a special interest in helping men of all ages find freedom from their anger, release blame and discover a new sense of ease in their relationships.

John has a BA in both English and Engineering and graduated from Michael Neill’s SuperCoach Academy as a Certified Transformative™ Coach.

John’s own experience with cancer has led him to appreciate the simplicity available in the moment to moment experience of life – something he shares with his clients.


noun ˈka-tə-ləst

: an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action


“Thank you for a turning-point conversation! I had the seeds of understanding about creation and the infinite possibilities, but in that conversation you were like the catalyst that helped those pieces come together, the world completely open. It’s as if I have walked into an entirely new experience of life: one where I can create anything with ease. I love your surfing metaphor. I am like the surfer who sees the beautiful flow of the ocean and enthusiastically embraces the possibility of the waves, co-creating. And now I am on fire, having lots of fun. Deepest gratitude.”


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