Jeanne Catherine

Jeanne-Catherine-smiling-close-up2-248x300Jeanne Catherine currently spends time mentoring leaders and their families in the art of living well and loving life. Her philosophy is that no one is dealt a hand free of circumstance, but every one has the same capacity for wisdom, well-being and love.

Jeanne began her mentoring career as a girls basketball coach when she was 18. Over the years, she has worked with women of all ages through difficult times. Working first in the childbearing years, and later as a Nia Teacher and Trainer, Jeanne understood at an early age that wisdom comes from within and is revealed to each person as they live their life.

In 2005, Jeanne developed as a business and marketing coach, helping healers build thriving businesses they loved. In 2011, Jeanne was exposed to The Three Principles of the Human psychological experience, which transformed her personally and professionally. Read more about Jeanne’s transformational experience here.

Deeply committed to transforming the landscape of contemporary psychology and its applications in the real world, Jeanne has successfully built a community of practitioners and provides training programs for coaches and therapists. Her voracious intellectual curiosity and comfort with listening for insight is complemented by her capacity for action, and genuine care for other human beings. Jeanne values a principle-based understanding that naturally improves listening and well being; increasing peace of mind, community satisfaction and desirable outcomes. With twenty-four years of experience working with groups, Jeanne’s willingness to go straight to the heart of the problem, and not be afraid of anything, reaps great benefits at work, as a host on the radio show, Waking Up: The Neuroscience of Awareness and as a volunteer mediator & parent educator in Charlottesville, VA.

Founder of Divine Play / Certified Advanced Transformative Coach™ / Certified Three Principles Practitioner

BA – Antioch College (Dance/Theater)

MA – Lesley University (Psychological well-being)

PhD – Currently enrolled in doctoral work at the California Institute of Integral Studies (Integral & Transpersonal Psychology)

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