Amy Leo

Amy Leo Low Res-2-3Amy Leo is a singer-songwriter, keynote speaker, and music community leader who is all about making music (+life) fun again!

Passionate about not only music, but mental health, she worked with children and teens discharged from NYC area psychiatric hospitals from 2008-2013.

Although she enjoyed her social work job and loved her clients, she often felt “something is missing…there has got to be a better way”.

She was disheartened to find that her clients and their families would only experience brief periods of relief from mental anguish and stress and that lasting positive change was a rare occurrence.

After some reflection, she stepped down to pursue singing and the creation of an organization that would make a true and lasting difference in people’s lives. She envisioned a place that was free of labels, diagnoses, and snap judgments. A place where people truly felt listened to and valued.

To her supreme delight, Amy found an organization that was doing just that! She stumbled across Divine Play in March of 2015.

Since learning about the Three Principles, she has been experiencing more freedom, peace of mind, and greater clarity, not only with music, but other areas of life such as relationships and business.

In fact, working with clients in this capacity, feels much different than her social work days because this framework is in alignment with how change really occurs, from the inside-out.

She is excited to share this conversation with others, so they too can experience more freedom and less worry in their lives.

Amy has an uncanny ability to simplify issues…and is able to harness her zest for life in a way that ignites inspiration in those who are lucky enough to cross her path. — Jordan M. Nacht, C.E.O., The Pivotal Approach, NY

Humble, bright, captivating, articulate, intelligent, caring, honest, straight up but gracious with a voice that matches it all…Finally and seriously – it is an absolute blast to be around her! She is so playful, lighthearted and just awesome FUN! — Kelly Monsrud., Singer-Songwriter-Guitarist, MI

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