Jeanne Catherine founded Divine Play to provide a training space for the Charlottesville community and its many personal and professional relationships. People from all walks of life gather here to put down their busy lives and uncover the simple truth about how to live life effortlessly and thrive. By learning the basic principles behind the human experience, we learn to play and work in new and unexpected ways that result in sustainable, productive and more enjoyable relationships with family, friends and colleagues. But more importantly, happier, healthier and more delightful lives.

Divine Play founder Jeanne Catherine tells the story of how the Divine Play Training Center came about:

I worked for a corporation for 10 years where I experienced two different management styles. For the first 5 years there was a manager who believed, “employees are our best resource.” He treated us that way: bonuses, special activities, nice furniture for the staff-only areas and respectful dialogue for negotiations and discussions.

When this highly appreciated manager left, the new guy didn’t have any of his beliefs. He stopped the bonuses, took resources from the staff to serve the clients, and created rules about what staff could talk about and where they could work. He even left any maintenance needed for staff areas (like door handles or microwaves) at the end of the to-do list.

I will never forget the day when I realized how things had changed – and how morale had been impacted! I was walking through the staff door in the back of the building. Years ago the words “our most valuable resource walks through these doors everyday” were written on the glass. Now those words were flaking, and as I reached for the handle, I realized it was broken. At that moment I realized the staff was beginning to keep to themselves, afraid to speak to each other for fear of being fired. The staff seemed demoralized and had no one to talk to about it or any avenue to deal with it.

For the remaining years I worked there, that door handle was never fixed. If the previous manager had been there, I would never have noticed the broken handle. He would have jumped on it – because he realized that the state of mind of the workers has everything to do with the success of the business.

I spent years in a corporation that really wasn’t interested in my personal growth or my well-being. Or even that I could do more for the organization. It just never occurred to them that they could get more out of their Human Resource. They were willing to invest a lot in equipment, they were willing to invest a lot in other things, but they were’t willing to invest in their Human Resource.

That was a turning point for me. I wanted to be a part of an organization where the Human Resource is as important – if not more important – than all the other resources. The Human Resource is a vital resource that can impact our world in ways that are really positive, in ways that inspire or in ways that change the world for the better.

That is why I opened Divine Play, to create a community Human Resource Center, an independent space where Human Resource is the value. Companies spend millions of dollars to re-haul their computer system. Why on earth wouldn’t you bring in that kind of attention and energy for a Human Resource that lasts longer? The potential of their being able to give back is so much greater.”

Jeanne Catherine Gray

"In working with Jeanne Catherine, I’ve realized that the more I am deeply grounded in the understanding for myself of the Three Principles, the less I need tools and ways to grow my business. I have faith in my own ideas coming forward to do this. Jeanne has been profoundly effective in helping me see this. She has an uncanny sense of knowing what is needed in the moment. As a result of this course and our conversations, I feel I am in the best place to know what is best to work for me in growing my business than I have ever been and welcome the opportunities available."

Joanne Hillard 

"To me it feels like complete divine intervention that caused me to be introduced to Jeanne Catherine (& Divine Play)! I feel so fortunate to have her as a mentor. Jeanne's warm, accessible, vivacious and gentle demeanor--in combination with her unbelievable ability to listen and crystalize what is really going on--is so incredibly helpful, and fun! Jeanne, you are a powerful helper and a magnet for many! I hope our paths cross often in the years to come!"

Joanna Hill, MSW, California, 

"Jeanne Catherine-Gray has a highly developed skill set that transcends traditional notions of what the term skill set was devised for. Yes, she has all the necessary business acumen acquired from building a successful Three Principles-based enterprise; but, what seems to set her apart from others is her ability to connect a student’s or client’s heart to the heart of what’s really important and impactful in pursuing a viable enterprise of one’s own — that vital, ignore-at-your-own-peril wellspring of wisdom within each of us."

Joel Drazner

"I have just watched the 8th session of Business of 3 Principles. I loved it. I loved the whole series. I loved your honesty! For me it was …WOW…you just say how it is for you and bring examples from your practice to illustrate points."

Dorothy Martin

"Thank you, very helpful and enjoyable! The actual program focused on helping us see how formless spiritual wisdom and habitual thinking are playing in the arena of business. What was most impactful was observing Jeanne working with us, responding to people's questions. I learned a lot from Jeanne's honesty and inner comfort." 

Karolina Galdych

"I hadn’t realized how much more confident I was in sharing the principles until I actually went out and did just that to a group of people that had never heard of them before. It was so much fun to watch people engage with the material and glean insights from each other. Throughout the day there were times when a response to a question would come to me - and other times when it didn’t - and both felt equally OK. This group [with Jeanne] has quieted down the noise in my head that there is a “right” way to share the principles and that I must find that right way." 

Julie Gray

"When I think of Jen, I think of fun, playfulness, ease and grace. She is a supportive listener committed to my well being and aliveness and that of all peoples. Well worth the investment in time, energy, money. Jen offers a gentle approach that reflects my own clarity back to me." My experience during the four days with Jen was both profound and totally pragmatic. Things just look different, from how I handle a conversation at work to how I pray with my children at night."

Anita McGinty

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