5 Steps to Resilience

Awakening Resilience

A stressful moment doesn’t have to become a stressful day, stressful week, a stressful career or stressful life…

Research shows that up to 80% of people all over the world experience medium to high levels of stress. Many experts believe that stress is a number one underlying cause of mental and physical health problems.

Current methods to deal with stress have focused mostly on coping strategies. Unfortunately, attempting to deal with stress after it occurs, using variety of techniques is often not effective and at best short-lasting.

You are invited to a compelling, impactful, interactive, insight-based program that will change your understanding of what stress is and, as a result, awaken your innate capacity for resilience.

This programme consists of five weekly 90-minute-long webinars:

  • Understand – 24th May 2017 at 7pm UK time

This session focuses purely on understanding of stress. It answers important question – where does our experience of stress come from? It enables participants to understand the role of individual perception and thought in development of the body’s response to stress.

  • Notice – 31st May 2017 at 7pm UK time

This session outlines typical reactions to stress as a natural, in-built signaling system. The session highlights the links between thought and feeling and underlines ‘inside-out’ nature of our experience. It introduces the concept of the inherent nature of resilience.

  • Pause – 7th June 2017 at 7pm UK time

There is power in a pause. This session highlights importance of a conscious and purposeful pause to allow calmer and clearer perspective. The pause aids reflection and aims to exercise a muscle of self-awareness.

  • Act – 14th June 2017 at 7pm UK time

This session introduces ‘Thriving Cycle’ which includes understanding of a thought-feeling connection, awareness of habitual stress responses, capacity to pause and the choice of positive action. The emphasis will be put on the individual capacity for insight as action guiding.

  • Thrive – 21st June 2017 at 7pm UK time

This session explores the concept of ‘living in the flow’ and enjoyment of life regardless of the circumstances. It highlights the inherent nature of resilience and the human capacity for healthy psychological functioning. When we understand how our human psychology works, we simply know how to use it; we understand the role of our emotions as a compass and we experience increased thought recognition allowing us to live and work with more ease, creativity and resilience.

Additionally, each participant can choose to receive 3 follow-up coaching sessions to consolidate this new understanding or to sign up to the 90-Days-Challenge to achieve goals with inspiration, resilience and fun.

Are you feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? Would you like to be able to achieve what you have set yourself to achieve with more ease, creativity and enjoyment?

If you notice yourself nodding at the questions above, this webinar series is for you!

This series is limited to 12 participants.

Recent research into stress and resilience demonstrate the role of thought, insight and understanding in stress related illness and patterns of resilience. Our program is focused on delivering a psychological understanding of stress and resilience that changes the stress response and builds a new pattern of resilience.

Participants from a 2-day resilience program, experience:

  • 64% reduction in rumination about challenges
  • 75% quicker rebound from adversity
  • 79% decrease in emotional reactivity

These results don’t surprise us! In our personal and professional lives, we have seen the benefit to building a resilience based mind set – and now we want to make this understanding available to you!

If you have any questions contact Dorothy on dorothy@fulfilmentcoach.com

1) £125 – 5 sessions with Jeanne Catherine & Dorothy Martin in a small group webinar series – No More than 12 people!


2) £495 – webinar series and 3 x follow-up coaching session with Dorothy Martin


3) £975 – webinar series and the 90-Days-Challenge-Programme; the 90-Days-Challenge is a 3-month programme with weekly individual coaching to inspire you, to enable you … and to light you up … to achieve your goal with ease, creativity and resilience. Email for more info: dorothy@fulfilmentcoach.com

Dorothy Martin

Dorothy is a coach, wellbeing consultant and trainer aiming to increase awareness about human dimension in business to enhance motivation, creativity and productivity, and as a result to facilitate environment where people and organisations can grow, thrive and prosper.

Dorothy’s background spans fields of psychology (MSc), international public health (MSc) and human nutrition (Dip). Her special interest is in psychological well-being and more specifically in enabling individuals, teams and organisations to realize their potential, achieve results with ease and simply flourish. Her motto is: ‘Happiness is the joy we feel fulfilling our potential’

Dorothy is passionate about helping people to create deep fulfillment and love in their professional and private and lives. Visit her at: www.fulfilmentcoach.com


jeanne2Jeanne-Catherine Grey

Deeply committed to transforming the landscape of contemporary psychology and its applications in the real world, Jeanne earned her MA in Psychological Well Being and is currently working on her PhD in the Neuroscience of Psychological Experience.

Jeanne has successfully built a community of practitioners and provides training programs for coaches and therapists. Her voracious intellectual curiosity and comfort with listening for insight is complemented by her capacity for action, and genuine care for other human beings.

Jeanne values a principle-based understanding that naturally improves listening and well being; increasing peace of mind, community satisfaction and desirable outcomes. With twenty-four years of experience working with groups, Jeanne’s willingness to go straight to the heart of the problem, and not be afraid of anything, reaps great benefits at work, as a host on the radio show, Waking Up: The Neuroscience of Awareness and as a volunteer mediator & parent educator in Charlottesville, VA.  Visit her at: www.divineplay.com

"In working with Jeanne Catherine, I’ve realized that the more I am deeply grounded in the understanding for myself of the Three Principles, the less I need tools and ways to grow my business. I have faith in my own ideas coming forward to do this. Jeanne has been profoundly effective in helping me see this. She has an uncanny sense of knowing what is needed in the moment. As a result of this course and our conversations, I feel I am in the best place to know what is best to work for me in growing my business than I have ever been and welcome the opportunities available."

Joanne Hillard 

"To me it feels like complete divine intervention that caused me to be introduced to Jeanne Catherine (& Divine Play)! I feel so fortunate to have her as a mentor. Jeanne's warm, accessible, vivacious and gentle demeanor--in combination with her unbelievable ability to listen and crystalize what is really going on--is so incredibly helpful, and fun! Jeanne, you are a powerful helper and a magnet for many! I hope our paths cross often in the years to come!"

Joanna Hill, MSW, California, 

"Jeanne Catherine-Gray has a highly developed skill set that transcends traditional notions of what the term skill set was devised for. Yes, she has all the necessary business acumen acquired from building a successful Three Principles-based enterprise; but, what seems to set her apart from others is her ability to connect a student’s or client’s heart to the heart of what’s really important and impactful in pursuing a viable enterprise of one’s own — that vital, ignore-at-your-own-peril wellspring of wisdom within each of us."

Joel Drazner

"I have just watched the 8th session of Business of 3 Principles. I loved it. I loved the whole series. I loved your honesty! For me it was …WOW…you just say how it is for you and bring examples from your practice to illustrate points."

Dorothy Martin

"Thank you, very helpful and enjoyable! The actual program focused on helping us see how formless spiritual wisdom and habitual thinking are playing in the arena of business. What was most impactful was observing Jeanne working with us, responding to people's questions. I learned a lot from Jeanne's honesty and inner comfort." 

Karolina Galdych

"I hadn’t realized how much more confident I was in sharing the principles until I actually went out and did just that to a group of people that had never heard of them before. It was so much fun to watch people engage with the material and glean insights from each other. Throughout the day there were times when a response to a question would come to me - and other times when it didn’t - and both felt equally OK. This group [with Jeanne] has quieted down the noise in my head that there is a “right” way to share the principles and that I must find that right way." 

Julie Gray

"When I think of Jen, I think of fun, playfulness, ease and grace. She is a supportive listener committed to my well being and aliveness and that of all peoples. Well worth the investment in time, energy, money. Jen offers a gentle approach that reflects my own clarity back to me." My experience during the four days with Jen was both profound and totally pragmatic. Things just look different, from how I handle a conversation at work to how I pray with my children at night."

Anita McGinty

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