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The Business of Teaching The Principles

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Have you ever wondered how to share the principles and make a living doing it?

You do not have to be extraordinary to make a difference in peoples lives. BUT, there are 3 things you do need!

  1. An understanding of the principles that transforms how you hear, see, and interact with yourself and others.
  2. Mentoring that invites you back to your understanding and helps you define teaching and business strategies that work for you.
  3. Experienced practitioners who can answer your questions, give you a push, and help you navigate the business of sharing the principles.

These three areas of growth are key to building a successful business. A business where your service is top notch and your income comes from the work you do. This 9-month certificate program is designed to address each of these issues – so you can get to the business of sharing the principles!

What is the Business of Sharing the Principles?

During my time as a practitioner of the 3 principles understanding, I studied with the best teachers all over the world AND earned back every penny by sharing the principles with others. As I worked, I began to receive calls from people who were deeply touched by their understanding of the principles and are now inspired to share the principles but don’t know how to earn a living doing it.

Coaches and therapists who were used to working with clients for years, learn the principles for themselves, experience personal transformation and start sharing the implications of their experience with others. Suddenly week to week clients no longer need to continue coming back for years – service practices dry up – after all clients who learn the principles – feel better, do better and don’t need so much help!

That is where most people stop. People wonder how to make a sustainable business model with such transformative work? They feel insecure, confused, afraid, anxious, or just plan stupid and they let their feelings guide them toward not sharing this transformative work!

What if feelings were an alert to thought in the moment and not to your potential as an earner? A grounded understanding will guide you to share and, if your life’s work is sharing the principles understanding, then why not create sustainable income for you and your family? This practitioners program is unique because it will support you in the quality of your teaching AND business building.  During our 9 month program:

  • Learn how to share for the biggest impact
  • Discover ease with enrolling clients
  • Overcome stagnant thought that stops success

You already know the impact of understanding the power of thought at work in your life. Now it is time to start sharing that understanding with other people. Waking up starts with you.



Who will be teaching?



Annika.Hurwitt.Close UpDicken BettingerJoeBailey3Barb Patterson



Guest Faculty will be providing an in depth understanding of the principles and how to teach them each month of this 9-month certificate program. Faculty include Dr. Dicken Bettinger, Sandy Krot, Joe Bailey,Dr. Annika Hurwitt, and Barb Patterson. Jeanne Catherine and Divine Play Associates will be providing on-going support in between weekend intensive sessions.

Where is the program?

The program will be held in Charlottesville, VA at Divine Play, 914 E. Jefferson St. This location provides plenty of parking, a beautiful downtown walking mall (3 blocks away), individual and group office spaces, kitchen with eating space and the Charlottesville 3 principles community!


What are the dates of the program?

Program begins February 2017 and runs through October of 2017. Roughly 6 visits to the Charlottesville, VA area. The first and the last weekends are 4 days each. Other weekends can be attended over zoom and are scheduled over the weekends and one weekday; Monday until 1 pm EST. Exact dates include:


February 9th – 13th: Foundations: Effective Deep Listening & The Single Paradigm w/ Jeanne Catherine-Gray & Dr. Annika Hurwitt

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March 25th – 27th: The Art of Teaching the Principles w/ Joe Bailey

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April 22rd – 24th: The Power and Simplicity of Truth w/ Sandy Krot

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May 27th – 29th: Being Yourself, Doing the Work: A Hands on Weekend w/Barb Patterson & Jeanne Catherine

How do I take what I am seeing, feeling, experiencing and put that into the world of form? The leap feels different to everyone. This weekend we will play and create from our understanding. Explore what it looks like to be engaged full out with nothing on it. Practitioners who are ready to grow their business tend to suffer from noisy, distracting thinking. This weekend we will take all the insight and understanding you have built and see what it looks like to have an impact on your work.

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June 24th – 26th: Coming Home w/ Dr. Dicken Bettinger

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October 7th – 10th: 3 Principles Conference in Washington DC & Presentations w/ Jeanne Catherine & Divine Play Associates

Our Washington, DC conference is inspired by One Solution. Listen to this podcast where Jeanne speaks with John Gray and Jen Lucas about the highlights of the October 3PGC Conference, in particular One Solution and how we are inspired.

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Why Hold My Spot Now?

The full price of this program is $12,000 dollars. We do provide payment programs on an as needed basis. Also, we will set you up for 3 coaching sessions with Jeanne Catherine or a specific Divine Play Associate before the certificate course begins! This school is limited to 12 people – so don’t miss out!


What are the different tracks?

There are two tracks in this “Train The Trainer” Program: 6 leadership spots and 6 business of teaching spots. Annika Hurwitt will be providing support for the leadership track and Jeanne Catherine will be providing support for the business of teaching track. No matter what track you are on, you will have the opportunity to work with everyone on the faculty. In addition, therapists can earn CU’s for their work with Dr. Annika Hurwitt.


Will you let anyone into the school?

No! There are only 12 spots in this program (8 ARE ALREADY FILLED!). We are only interested in working with people who have already been introduced to the principles and would like to bring their understanding to work with them, either as a leader, therapist or in a business. The business of sharing the principles – more intensely to reach more people – is what we are all about!



What are the requirements to earn my certificate?

  • Attend 2 out of 6 weekends in person: Zoom Weekends are possible for students paying full price of the program
  • Complete individual sessions with Annika, Jeanne, Barb or a Divine Play Associate (a min. of 12 sessions for each student in the program)
  • Complete 90% of the homework assignments (Designed to increase understanding & create action)
  • Complete 75 sessions with a real live client of your own / 50 of these sessions must earn money
  • Attend 6 of your monthly pod sessions (total is 9)
  • Complete a community outreach project & presentation (supervision provided)

"In working with Jeanne Catherine, I’ve realized that the more I am deeply grounded in the understanding for myself of the Three Principles, the less I need tools and ways to grow my business. I have faith in my own ideas coming forward to do this. Jeanne has been profoundly effective in helping me see this. She has an uncanny sense of knowing what is needed in the moment. As a result of this course and our conversations, I feel I am in the best place to know what is best to work for me in growing my business than I have ever been and welcome the opportunities available."

Joanne Hillard 

"To me it feels like complete divine intervention that caused me to be introduced to Jeanne Catherine (& Divine Play)! I feel so fortunate to have her as a mentor. Jeanne's warm, accessible, vivacious and gentle demeanor--in combination with her unbelievable ability to listen and crystalize what is really going on--is so incredibly helpful, and fun! Jeanne, you are a powerful helper and a magnet for many! I hope our paths cross often in the years to come!"

Joanna Hill, MSW, California, 

"Jeanne Catherine-Gray has a highly developed skill set that transcends traditional notions of what the term skill set was devised for. Yes, she has all the necessary business acumen acquired from building a successful Three Principles-based enterprise; but, what seems to set her apart from others is her ability to connect a student’s or client’s heart to the heart of what’s really important and impactful in pursuing a viable enterprise of one’s own — that vital, ignore-at-your-own-peril wellspring of wisdom within each of us."

Joel Drazner

"I have just watched the 8th session of Business of 3 Principles. I loved it. I loved the whole series. I loved your honesty! For me it was …WOW…you just say how it is for you and bring examples from your practice to illustrate points."

Dorothy Martin

"Thank you, very helpful and enjoyable! The actual program focused on helping us see how formless spiritual wisdom and habitual thinking are playing in the arena of business. What was most impactful was observing Jeanne working with us, responding to people's questions. I learned a lot from Jeanne's honesty and inner comfort." 

Karolina Galdych

"I hadn’t realized how much more confident I was in sharing the principles until I actually went out and did just that to a group of people that had never heard of them before. It was so much fun to watch people engage with the material and glean insights from each other. Throughout the day there were times when a response to a question would come to me - and other times when it didn’t - and both felt equally OK. This group [with Jeanne] has quieted down the noise in my head that there is a “right” way to share the principles and that I must find that right way." 

Julie Gray

"When I think of Jen, I think of fun, playfulness, ease and grace. She is a supportive listener committed to my well being and aliveness and that of all peoples. Well worth the investment in time, energy, money. Jen offers a gentle approach that reflects my own clarity back to me." My experience during the four days with Jen was both profound and totally pragmatic. Things just look different, from how I handle a conversation at work to how I pray with my children at night."

Anita McGinty

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